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Champion Air compressor R-30D Replacement Pump

Champion Air compressor R-30D Replacement Pump

Champion Air compressor R-30D Replacement Pump

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Champion Air compressor R-30D Replacement Pump
Product Code: CAPRSA02
Looking for a durable and powerful air compressor pump? Look no further than the Champion R-30D. This splash-lubricated pump features die-cast aluminum cylinders in cast-iron sleeves that are built to last. Plus, intercoolers dissipate heat at maximum efficiency, load less starting, and a gasketless design maximizes efficiency. So you can tackle any project with ease – whether you're working on your car, in the garage or on a job site. Don't let a faulty air compressor pump slow you down. Get the Champion R-30D and get the job done right.

Standard features:

  • Loadless starting
  • ASME interstage pressure relief valve
  • ODP NEMA 1760 RPM motor
  • 10 Micron industrial grade intake air filter
  • 0-300 PSIG air pressure gauge
  • Available in 1 Phase and 3 Phase


  • Multiple tank sizes and variations
  • Electric or engine driven
  • NEMA 4 full-voltage starter upgrade
  • Premium efficiency motor upgrade
  • Control panel upgrades
  • Aftercooler with or without moisture separator
  • Low oil-level monitor
  • Dual control
  • Vibration isolators
  • High temperature switch
  • Pneumatic or electric tank drain

  • 220 lbs
  • 22.4 × 26 × 23.6 in
  • 7.5 hp, 10hp, 15hp
Bore Diameter Inches
  • 4.625 × 2.5
Stroke Inches
  • 3
  • 4
Oil Capacity (Qts)
  • 4
Min Pump RPM
  • 400
Max Pump RPM
  • 1050


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