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Original Stubby Light on 50' Cord Stubby II Light On  40' Reel Original Stubby Light on 40' Reel
Stubby II with End Light On  40' Reel
Are you looking for a reliable lighting solution for your workshop or garage? Look no further than these Retractable Shop Lights from The Original Stubby Lights. With durable construction and convenient cord retraction, these lights are ideal for any shop or garage setting.

We offer several different models to fit your needs:
Each model features durable metal housing for maximum protection against dust, dirt, corrosion, and other elements. The heavy-duty design allows it to withstand wear and tear from everyday use. In addition, each light is powered by an efficient retractable power supply reel that retracts the power cord into its base when you're finished using it. This feature keeps your work area uncluttered and safe from potential hazards caused by tangled cords. All four models have a handy mounting bracket for easy installation for added convenience. No matter what type of lighting system you need in your workshop or garage, Retractable Shop Lights from Original Stubby Lights and Stubby II Lights offer the perfect solution. Don't hesitate - to get one today!