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Rotary Two Post SPO20 - Aboveground lift

Rotary Lift SPO20

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Rotary Lift SPO20

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Rotary Lift SPO20
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Product Code: Rotary-Lift-SPO20
Rotary SPO20 is an industry-leading lift designed for maximum capacity and versatility. With a capacity of 20,000 lbs, this lift is perfect for any shop that easily handles heavy loads. Whether you're working on class 1 through class 5 vehicles or need to lift anything that'll roll through your doors, the Rotary SPO20 is the ultimate solution.

Equipped with patented Trio™ arms, this lift lets your technicians position adapters quickly, ensuring precise and efficient service. The lift's low-profile stance and expanded arm reach capabilities provide more comprehensive installation options, making it a versatile choice for any shop.

But the versatility of the Rotary SPO20 doesn't stop there. With the option to add Shockwave™, this lift offers unparalleled speed and power. The patented lifting speed package, 110-volt DC power, and laser guidance for accurate spotting will turn heads and impress your customers.

What sets the Rotary SPO20 apart is its impressive features, reliability, and safety. The lift features the original "Double S" column design and is ALI Gold Certified, ensuring the highest quality and performance standards. The air-operated lock release provides added convenience and ease of use.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your shop's efficiency and profitability. Please turn to the Rotary SPO20, the lift that will meet all your lifting needs with its exceptional capacity, versatility, and advanced features.

  • Measure for Correct Ceiling Height " 14' 8" min.
  • Bay Size Measurem13's -24'’ x 24’ min.
  • Concrete Requirement 3000 "SI - 6” min.
  • A Forklift Must be On-Site with a 5,000-lb. Minimum lifting Capacity
• 20,000 lbs. capacity
• 2 adjustable lift height options
• 3 column width options
• Rise height of over 75”
• 20-second lowering time
• Available with SHOCKWAVETM power
• Original “Double S” column
• ALI Gold Certified
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Rotary Lift SPO20



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