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Keep your shop compliant and safe with Rotary Lift's 220 LOCKLIGHT W/ HYD ADAPTERS system


FA835 KIT 220v LockLight Kit with HYD Adapters

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Get the job done faster and more accurately with TechLight2 LED Light Kit
Product Code: Rotary-Lift-FA835-KIT
Are you looking for an easy way to keep your techs safe and compliant with OSHA and CCOHS regulations? Rotary Lift’s 220 LOCKLIGHT W/ HYD ADAPTERS system makes it much easier! When performing any under-vehicle service, it is essential to set the lift onto its mechanical locks securely. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen and can lead to severe risks and costly errors. That's why the 220 LOCKLIGHT is perfect for anyone in the auto shop business - providing quick assurance that proper lift use is ensured every time! Paired with our integrated hydraulic adapters, these devices are even more secure, ensuring optimal safety for your technicians - plus peace of mind knowing your business fully complies with the latest standards. Keep your shop up-to-date and functioning today by investing in Rotary Lift's 110 LOCKLIGHT W/ HYD ADAPTERS system!

FA835 KIT 220v LockLight Kit with HYD Adapters



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