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Rotary 2 Post SPO12 - Aboveground lift

Rotary 2 Post SPO12 - Aboveground lift

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Rotary Lift SPO12 - Shockwave

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Rotary Lift - SPO12
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Product Code: Rotary-Lift-SPO12-Shockwave

Rotary Lift SPO12 Shockwave

The Rotary Lift SPO12 Shockwave is the perfect addition to any auto shop. It has all the options you need, including TA truck adapters and 3-stage arms, making it an ideal choice for shops of all sizes. The SPO12-TA is the standard lift, offering reliable performance and fantastic lifting speed - with SHOCKWAVE, you'll get 2X more speed than conventional lifts! This makes it perfect for a quick and efficient work day in and day out. Shop owners have come to know and trust the quality of Rotary Lift products, so there's no question about this product being a worthwhile investment. Get the lift your shop needs today - choose Rotary Lift SPO12 Shockwave!

  • Measure for Correct Ceiling Height - 14’8” min.
  • Bay Size Measurements - 13’ x 24’ min.
  • Concrete Requirement 3000 PSI - 6” min.
  • A Forklift Must be On-Site with a 5,000-lb. minimum lifting Capacity
  • SPO12 Series Lift features three-stage arms and polymer Truck Adapters primarily used on framed vehicles.
  • Adjustable adapters thread up and come with stackable inserts and a storage rack.
  • Three-stage arms for greater reach
  • Original “Double S” column design
  • Performance tested to 20,000 lift cycles
  • ALI Gold Certified
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Rotary Lift SPO12 - Shockwave



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