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Sheave Cover N119-1B to protect the N377 Sheave

Sheave Cover N119-1B

Rotary Lift Sheave Cover N119-1B

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Protect Your Rotary 2-Post Pulley Sheave N377 with the Sheave Cover N119-1B.
Product Code: Rotary-Lift-N119-1B
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The Sheave Cover N119-1B is a vital protective accessory designed for the Rotary 2-Post Pulley Sheave N377. Crafted to safeguard against debris, this cover ensures longevity and flawless operation of your pulley sheave. With a durable construction and precise fit, the Sheave Cover N119-1B offers peace of mind, protecting your pulley sheave from potential damage caused by dust, dirt, and other external elements. Designed with convenience, this sheave cover is easy to install and remove. Invest in the Sheave Cover N119-1B today and safeguard your Rotary 2-Post Pulley Sheave N377 for years.

  • The following Rotary Lift models are compatible with this product.
    • RTP10
    • SPOA7
    • SPOA9
    • SPOA10
    • SPOA10NB
    • SPOA10
    • SPO10
    • TLO7
...and many more. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of this Sheave Cover with a wide range of models for your needs.

Rotary Lift Sheave Cover N119-1B



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