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Rotary Lift SPOA10-AV

Rotary Lift SPOA10-AV (All-Vehicle)

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Rotary SPOA10AV All Vehicle Lift - 2 Post Lift

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Elevate Your Auto Service with the Revolutionary Rotary SPOA10-AV All-Vehicle Lift

Welcome to the future of vehicle lifting technology. The Rotary SPOA10-AV All Vehicle Lift represents the pinnacle of versatility, strength, and innovative design in the automotive service industry. Specifically tailored for Auto Mechanics, Garage Owners, and Automotive Enthusiasts, this 2 Post Lift is poised to transform how vehicles are serviced, providing unmatched efficiency and safety.

Unmatched Versatility for Every Vehicle Type: The Rotary SPOA10-AV is not just a lift; it's a comprehensive solution for all vehicles under 10,000 lbs. Its patent-pending All-Vehicle (AV) Lift Arms adapt seamlessly to many vehicles, from sleek, low-profile cars to robust trucks and SUVs. Service anything that drives through your doors confidently, including battery electric vehicles requiring specific pick-up points for battery removal.
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Introducing the revolutionary ONE LIFT, the SPOA10-AV from Rotary® Lift. This industry-leading vehicle lift is designed to accommodate all vehicle types under 10,000 lbs. With its patent-pending All-Vehicle (AV) Lift Arms, technicians can now lift and service practically all roadgoing vehicles on a single lift.

The SPOA10-AV features a 20% Larger Arm Reach Range, with a collapsed minimum reach length of 2 5/8" on the front arms and 7 ¼" on the rear while maintaining the same fully extended maximum reach. This exclusive arm reach design makes lifting a wide range of vehicles easier, including battery electric vehicles, exotic low-profile vehicles, truck frames, and unibody cars & SUVs.

Built with the original "Double S" column design, the SPOA10-AV ensures incredible strength and durability. It is ALI Gold Certified and tested beyond 20,000 cycles, setting it apart from other lift companies. Manufactured and Certified by the Fortune 500 Dover Corp, the largest lift company in the world, you can trust the quality and reliability of the SPOA10-AV.

With its compact adapter height of only 3 3/8", the SPOA10-AV is perfect for exotic vehicles with low ground clearance. It also offers easy access to the pickup points of electric vehicles, thanks to its shorter retracted arm minimum reach. Whether you're servicing trucks, frame vehicles, or unibody cars & SUVs, the SPOA10-AV provides the versatility and performance you need.

Experience the next evolution in vehicle lift technology with the SPOA10-AV from Rotary® Lift. Made in Madison, Indiana, USA, this asymmetric 2-post lift is the world's #1 selling model for a reason. Trust the industry leader to elevate your service capabilities to new heights.

All SPOA10 All-Vehicle Arm (AV) lifts come standard with all necessary adapters. This includes (4) adjustable truck adapters, (4) adjustable round adapters, (4) 3 ½” tall adapter extensions, and (4) 5” tall adapter extensions. Additionally, storage brackets are provided to store the adapters on the lift’s columns. The model number's second-to-last digit includes the letter "M" to indicate that all adapters are included.
Easy Spotting & Positioning: Quick and hassle-free vehicle placement means more service opportunities and less downtime.
Lowest Profile Arm Height: At just 3 3/8", it's the industry standard for low-clearance vehicles, ensuring your high-end exotic cars are lifted without risk.
Unparalleled Arm Reach Range: A 20% larger reach, with front arms collapsing to 2 5/8" and rear arms to seven ¼," accommodating almost any vehicle type.
Double S Column Design: Experience the strength and durability that only the original Rotary® Lift design can offer, backed by ALI Gold Certification.

  • Why Choose SPOA10-AV?
    • Versatility in Lifting: From EVs to trucks, service them all with our shortest arm retraction and extensive pickup range.
    • Durability and Safety: Certified by the leading authority with over 20,000 testing cycles for reliability you can trust.
    • Comes Fully Equipped: All necessary adapters included standard, ensuring you’re ready to lift any vehicle right out of the box.
    • Proudly Made in the USA: Trust in the quality and reliability that comes from the heart of America's automotive industry.

Rotary SPOA10AV All Vehicle Lift - 2 Post Lift



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