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Rotary Lift Part T100145 lock release cylinder.

Rotary Lift Part T100145

Rotary Lift lock release cylinder T100145

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Newly Redesigned T100145 Air Cylinder - The SmartLift Enhancement!
Product Code: Rotary-Lift-T100145
Rotary has always been known for its innovative and reliable products, and the new and improved lock release cylinder T100145 for the SmartLift line is a prime example. This new cylinder design is made with durable UHMW housing and sturdy stainless steel components and is resistant to air systems or liquid contamination. A pre-installed locking clevis, secured with stainless steel nylon locking jam nuts, is an added feature to the replacement lock release cylinder. If unsure which part you need, check the model and serial numbers on your Rotary Lift and refer to the table provided. With the exact pricing as the old part number, you can confidently upgrade to this reliable and long-lasting Rotary Lift Part T100145 Air Cylinder Replacement Kit.This OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Part from Rotary ensures the highest compatibility and performance with your SmartLift system.

Rotary Lift lock release cylinder T100145



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