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Rotary Lift FC5967BK  Rolling Drain Pan


Rotary Lift FC5967BK – Rolling Drain Pan

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Fits Rotary Lift Models SM/SMO122, SM/SMO14, or SM18
Product Code: Rotary-Lift-FC5967BK
If you're looking for a high-quality oil drain pan for your Rotary Lift SM/SMO122, SM/SMO14, or SM18, look no further than the Rotary Lift FC5967BK. This 30-gallon (114-liter) low-profile rolling drain pan is perfect for catching oil and other fluids during routine maintenance. Equipped with a splash guard, drain valve, and dust cap, this oil drain pan is designed to make your life easier. Plus, its low profile ensures it won't interfere with your work. So, if you want a reliable and durable oil drain pan, the Rotary Lift FC5967BK is the way to go.


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