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Rotary Lift OEM Part#  FJ7450 Equalizer Cable

Rotary Lift Equalizer Cable - FJ7450

Rotary Lift Equalizer Cable - FJ7450

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Get Your Lift Back in Shape with FJ7450 Equalizer Cables by Rotary Lift
Product Code: Rotary-Lift-FJ7450
The lift uses two cables. We recommend changing both in a pair, so we have included (2) for this item.
  • Fits Rotary Lift Models:
    • Pre-100 Series Lifts: SPO88, SPO82, SPO98, SPO7
    • 100 Series and Above: TLO7, SPO9
    • Inbay Series Lifts: S7Ti, S9i

The FJ7450 Equalizer Cables by Rotary Lift are a set of two original, unused cables explicitly designed for Rotary Lift models. Measuring 30 feet and 5 7/16 inches in length, these cables are made to fit standard height lifts that reach up to 11' 8" high. Please ensure compatibility with your lift model, especially if it has an extended height or if you are unsure, by contacting us before making a purchase.
It is important to note that these cables are not aftermarket reproductions but genuine Rotary Lift products. We recommend replacing both cables as a pair to maintain optimal performance and safety. This item comes with two cables included.

Rotary Lift Equalizer Cable - FJ7450

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