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Rotary Lift SPOA10 Shockwave

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Rotary Lift SPOA10 Shockwave

Rotary Lift SPOA10 Shockwave
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Product Code: Rotary-Lift-SPOA10SW

Rotary Lift SPOA10 Shockwave

Introducing the Rotary Lift SPOA10 Shockwave, a revolutionary two-post lift designed to set the standard for versatile lifts in automotive shops. The TRIO 2-piece, three-stage arms come with a range of adapter options, and our unique asymmetric design help to distribute weight evenly when lifting vehicles, allowing for safe operation. Whether you're servicing sedans or minivans, the customization options like arm configuration, adapter type, lift height, and productivity accessories make it easy to tailor the SPOA10 series to your shop’s needs. Moreover, this revolutionary product is coupled with Shockwave technology that offers twice the lifting speed of conventional lifts. With this powerful combination of versatility and speed, your auto shop will be equipped for any job! Don’t wait for success—place an order for the Rotary Lift SPOA10 Shockwave today.

Conventional Flip-Up Pads
Two Stage Arms
Three Stage Arms
Three Stage Arms
Three Stage Arms

  • Measure for Correct Ceiling Height - 12' min.
  • Measure for Correct Ceiling Height (Shockwave) - 12' 6" min.
  • Bay Size Measurements - 12’ x 24’ min.
  • Concrete Requirement 3000 PSI - 4 1/4” min.
  • A Forklift Must be On-Site with a 5,000-lb. minimum lifting Capacity
  • 10,000 LB weight capacity
  • DC motor (2X faster rise & dissent)
  • Equipped with motion-activated spotting laser and 3" additional rise height
  • Includes standard lift features such as three-state front arms
  • Rotated columns
  • Dual lifting cylinders
  • Single-point lock release
  • Passive arm locks
  • Adjustable rubber lifting adapters
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Rotary Lift SPOA10 Shockwave



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