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Rotary SL212 Inground Smart Lift

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Product Code: Rotary-Lift-SL212
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Rotary Lift has revolutionized the automotive industry with its Rotary Inground Smartlift SL212 series. This innovative lift features a smaller footprint, allowing more lifts in a confined space, and provides superior vehicle access while allowing mechanics to work around them efficiently. Rotary also installed their patented Trio arms with two-piece, three-stage arms designed to provide maximum versatility and lift any car or light-duty vehicle. In addition, Rotary's revolutionary Rotary Inground Smartlift series is further enhanced by its groundbreaking SL212 Smartlift Shockwave system, which increases reliability and safety for automotive servicing operations.

Are you looking for the New SLW212 Lift from Rotary?
Rotary SLW212

• Lightweight aluminum truck adapters with stackable adapters
• Patented Easy Access™ cylinders, which allow all routine cylinder maintenance to be done at floor level, reducing downtime
• Exclusive Smartguard™ plungers for durability and time-tested performance
• Exclusive locking system featuring a Patented polymer and stainless air cylinder for trouble-free lock operation

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Rotary SL212 Inground Smart Lift



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