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ROTARY SL210 2 post Shockwave Inground Smart Lift

ROTARY Shockwave Lift

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Rotary SL210 - Shockwave Inground smart lift

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Revolutionize Your Automotive Service with Rotary Inground Smartlift Series.
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Product Code: Rotary-Lift-SL210-SW
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The Rotary Lift SL210 Smartlift Shockwave™ is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking to maximize productivity and profitability. With its unparalleled design and cutting-edge features, this lift sets the benchmark as the world's fastest, and it's exclusively available from Rotary. Designed specifically for service bays where time is of the essence, the SL210 boasts a shockwave-equipped lifting system that can effortlessly elevate and lower vehicles in seconds. This extraordinary speed empowers technicians to work with unparalleled efficiency, reducing service times and heightening customer satisfaction.

Rotary Lift, renowned for its commitment to safety, efficiency, and aesthetics, has developed the innovative Rotary Inground Smartlift series. Crafted with a compact footprint, these lifts optimize space utilization, allowing for more lifts within a limited area while ensuring optimal vehicle accessibility during servicing. The SL210 lift series offers three exceptional models: the SL210-FA, SL210-RA, and SL210-TA. Each lift boasts a remarkable weight capacity of up to 10,000 lbs and a height rise range spanning from 74 3/4" to 81 1/8". Moreover, Rotary has implemented its patented Trio arms, featuring two-piece, three-stage arms with adaptors that lift any car or light-duty vehicle effortlessly.

Revolutionizing the automotive industry's maintenance and repair operations, the groundbreaking Rotary Inground Smartlift series continues to set new standards. Embrace the Rotary Lift SL210 Smartlift Shockwave™ and experience unparalleled quality, performance, and efficiency. Choose Rotary Lift to elevate your business goals of enhanced technician productivity and increased profitability.

Are you looking for the New SLW210 Shockwave Lift from Rotary?
Rotary SLW210
  • 10,000 lbs. capacity
  • TRIO ™ arms with your choice of adapter configurations
  • Smartguard Coated Plungers to Prevent Corrosion and Increase Service Life
  • Easy Access™ cylinders, which allow all routine cylinder maintenance to be done at floor level
  • Exclusive locking system which features a patented polymer and stainless air cylinder for high performance
  • Exclusive Cylinder Locking System for Trouble-Free Operation
  • Conventional One-Touch Control with Liquid Detection System
  • Multi-Position Wheel Spotting Dish
  • ALI Gold Certified
  • Spotline motion-activated laser
  • DC power reduces operating costs. Uses two standard 12v car batteries with its built-in battery charger. Plugs into 110v power
  • 2x faster rise and descent
  • Increased rise height provides additional headroom and workspace
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Rotary SL210 - Shockwave Inground smart lift

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