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ROTARY SL210 2 post Inground Smart Lift


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Rotary SL210 Inground smart lift

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Revolutionize Your Automotive Service with the Rotary Inground Smartlift Series.
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Product Code: Rotary-Lift-SL210
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Rotary Lift has developed the Rotary Inground Smartlift series to make automotive servicing safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. With a smaller footprint that allows more lifts in less space and greater vehicle access while working around them, Rotary’s Smartlifts provide an open and uncluttered look to a service area. The SL210 lift comes in three models: the SL210-FA, the SL210-RA, and the SL210-TA. Each lift can handle up to 10,000 lbs with a height rise range of 74 3/4” to 81 1/8”. Rotary also implements their patented Trio arms; these two-piece, three-stage arms are designed with adaptors that can lift any car or light-duty vehicle. Rotary’s revolutionary Rotary Inground Smartlift series continues to change the automotive industry regarding maintenance and repair operations.

The Rotary Inground Lift – SL210 Smartlift Shockwave™ is the perfect choice for any business that wants to increase productivity and profits. With its unique design and features, this lift is the fastest in the world – and it’s only available from Rotary. The SL210 is designed explicitly for bays where service time is paramount. With its shockwave-equipped lifting system, it can raise and lower a vehicle in just seconds. This helps technicians work faster and more efficiently, which reduces service times and increases customer satisfaction. So if you’re looking for a lift to help you achieve your goals of greater technician productivity and higher profits, the Rotary Inground Lift – SL210 Smartlift Shockwave™ is a perfect choice.

Are you looking for the New SLW210 Lift from Rotary?
Rotary SLW210
  • 10,000 lbs. capacity
  • TRIO ™ arms with your choice of adapter configurations
  • Smartguard Coated Plungers to Prevent Corrosion and Increase Service Life
  • Easy Access™ cylinders, which allow all routine cylinder maintenance to be done at floor level
  • Exclusive locking system which features a patented polymer and stainless air cylinder for high performance
  • Exclusive Cylinder Locking System for Trouble-Free Operation
  • Conventional One-Touch Control with Liquid Detection System
  • Multi-Position Wheel Spotting Dish
  • ALI Gold Certified
  • Spotline motion-activated laser
  • DC power reduces operating costs. Uses two standard 12v car batteries with its built-in battery charger. Plugs into 110v power
  • 2x faster rise and descent
  • Increased rise height provides additional headroom and workspace
Rotary Lift SL210/SL212Rotary Lift SL210/SL212 Installation InstructionsRotary Lift SL210/SL212 Parts BreakdownRotary Lift SL210/SL212 Operation Maintenance

Rotary SL210 Inground smart lift

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