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Replacement Power Unit for a Rotary/Foward Lift


Power Unit P3302 - Rotary Lift

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Discover Unmatched Reliability with the Rotary & Forward Lift Replacement Power Unit P3302

In automotive lifting, efficiency, compatibility, and safety are paramount. The Rotary – Forward Lift Replacement Power Unit P3302 by GLOBAL HYDRAULICS is a towering testament to engineering excellence, explicitly tailored for Rotary and Forward brand 2-post and 4-post lifts. Its advent heralds a new era of lifting operation where power meets precision, ensuring your lifting tasks are not just tasks but experiences of seamless operation.

The Rotary-Forward Lift Replacement Power Unit P3302 differentiates itself through its precision engineering and superior capabilities. Its integration with GLOBAL HYDRAULICS' technology ensures seamless compatibility with leading lift brands, thus ensuring your operations run smoothly and without interruption. Its efficient power output and fluid flow control mean your operations are faster and more reliable, significantly boosting productivity.
Product Code: Rotary-Lift-P3302
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The Rotary / Forward Lift OEM Global Power Unit P3302 is a high-quality hydraulic power unit for 2-post 9,000-pound and 10,000-pound Capacity Rotary Lifts. This original equipment (OEM) type power unit is compatible with many Rotary and Forward brand 2-post and 4-post lifts, providing reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

GLOBAL HYDRAULICS (GHS) manufactures this power unit on 208-230 Volt, Single Phase, 60-hertz power supply. An influential 1700 rpm motor delivers a flow rate of approximately 1.9 gallons per minute, ensuring efficient operation and quick lifting capabilities.

The Power Unit P3302 features a 10-liter tank measuring about 16.5″ long, providing ample hydraulic fluid storage for smooth and consistent performance. ETL-certified, this power unit meets all safety and quality standards, ensuring dependable and safe operation in your lifting applications.

This complete power unit includes a tank, pump, motor, switch, lowering valve, and breather cap, offering a comprehensive solution for your lifting needs. With its superior design and construction, the Rotary / Forward Lift OEM Global Power Unit P3302 is a reliable and efficient choice for your hydraulic lifting requirements.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Type: Designed as a HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT that perfectly aligns with many Rotary and Forward brand lifts, the P3302 is your assurance of compatibility and optimal performance.
  • Power and Efficiency: Operating on 208-230 Volt, Single Phase, 60 hertz, and a robust 1700 rpm motor, the P3302 delivers superior power effortlessly. Experience reliable and quick lifting capabilities that redefine operational efficiency.
  • Fluid Flow Excellence: With an approximate flow rate of 1.9 gallons per minute, this power unit offers unmatched fluid control, facilitating faster operations and significantly reducing downtime.
  • Generous Tank Capacity: Boasting a 10-liter tank, the P3302 provides an ample hydraulic fluid reserve, ready to meet the demands of heavy-duty lifting mechanisms without faltering.
  • Safety Certified: ETL Certification underscores our commitment to safety and reliability, ensuring the P3302 meets the highest commercial and personal garage use standards.
  • Simplistic Integration: This all-in-one unit, comprising a Tank, Pump, Motor, Switch, Lowering Valve, and Breather Cap, revolutionizes installation and maintenance, making it convenient.

Power Unit P3302 - Rotary Lift



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Tommy Smith from Apex NC
February 25, 2024
Thank you
Thank you for the fast service and for getting my Rotary Lift back up and Running
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