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The Graco Oil King 238866 is a 25-gallon used-oil receiver designed to handle various fluids including used motor oil

The Graco Oil King 238866 is an exceptional 25-gallon used oil receiver designed to meet all your oil handling needs.

The Graco Oil King 238866 is an exceptional 25-gallon used oil receiver designed to meet all your oil handling needs. This versatile receiver can safely and efficiently handle various fluids, including used motor, automatic transmission, gear, hydraulic, power steering, and waste brake. The Oil King makes oil collection and disposal a breeze with its innovative features.

The standout feature of the Oil King is its giant funnel (Graco-243650), which allows for the simultaneous collection of fluids from both drain plugs and filter ports. This saves you time and minimizes the mess associated with oil changes. The oversized tires (Graco-113647) and push-pull handles make maneuvering the Graco Oil King effortless, even in tight spaces.

When it comes to performance, the Graco Oil King delivers unmatched reliability. It is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring it remains a durable and long-lasting solution for your oil disposal needs.

As with any high-quality product, the Graco Oil King does come with a higher price tag. However, considering its superior functionality and durability, the investment is worth it.

The Graco Oil King 238866 is a top-tier used oil receiver with exceptional performance and convenience. Its ability to handle various fluids and user-friendly features make it ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Choose the Oil King for hassle-free oil collection and disposal.

Graco Oil King Features

  • Large Offset Collection Pan - This funnel can be raised to amaximum height of 72 in. (183 cm) and is equipped with a filter screen toprevent debris from entering the tank.
  • Filter Drain Tray - Used filters are able to drainseparately from the collection pan.
  • Convenient Tool Tray - Built-in holding bins for new or usedfilters, wrenches, and rags all at your fingertips.
  • Liquid Sight Gauge - A full-length liquid level sight gaugelets you know when the tank is full.
  • Large 25 Gallon (94.6L) Capacity Receiver - Made from aheavy-duty, durable UV stabilized polymer. Dent-, rust-, andcorrosion-resistant.
  • Oversized Tires - Easily maneuver over hoses and roughfloors.
  • Two Evacuation Port Options - Choose from the gravity drainvalve at the bottom or suction-evacuation from the top.
  • Color - Black
  • Compatible Fluid - Oil
  • Fluid Inlet Size (in) - 3
  • Fluid Outlet Size (in) - 3/4
  • Fluid Outlet Thread Type - NPT
  • Overall Height (ft) - 5.75
  • Overall Height (in) - 69
  • Overall Width (ft) - 2
  • Overall Width (in) -24
  • Tank Capacity (gal) - 25

Oil King and Coolant king Instructions and parts list

Graco Oil King 25 Gallon Used-Oil Receiver 238866



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Rico from Angier NC
March 28, 2023
Best Waste Oil Drain
I bought this Graco Waste Oil roll-around. I Read up on it before buying. Very durable for my busy shop.
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