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Graco Oil Ace 119577 - 24 Gallon Portable Steel-Tank Pressurized Oil Drain

Graco Part 119577

Graco Oil Ace Pressurized Oil Drain 119577

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Quickly and Easily Drain Oil from Cars with the Graco Oil Ace 119577
Product Code: Graco-119577
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The Graco Oil Ace 24 Gallon Portable Steel-Tank Pressurized Oil Drain is the perfect solution for draining, evacuating, and transferring used oil (and other fluids). This robust and reliable pressurized oil drain is made of durable steel for long-lasting use, and it features a quick-connect hose for easy operation.

The Graco Oil Ace also has a heavy-duty cast iron pump for maximum efficiency and a built-in safety valve to prevent overfilling. With a capacity of 24 gallons, this portable oil drain is ideal for commercial or industrial use. Order the Oil Ace today and make used oil removal more accessible!

Graco Oil Ace Parts
  • Ensures peak performance with an easy-to-read vacuum gauge
  • Includes vacuum probes with a variety of suction attachmentsand adapters
  • Includes optional large offset collection pan to preventsplashing
  • Uses shop air to pressurize for easy oil evacuation anddraining
  • Includes optional sight glass, which allows for oil qualityinspection with a clear evacuation chamber and easy-to-read evacuationmeasurements
  • Large casters allow drains to move around rough shop floors easily.

  • Fluid: Used oil
  • Fluid Capacity: 24 gals (91 l)
  • Evacuation: Pressurized
  • Receiver Material: Steel
  • Length: 24 in. (60 cm)
  • Width: 16 in. (40.6 cm)
  • Height: 56 to 80 in. (143.5 to 203 cm)
  • Funnel Size: 24 in. (61 cm) diameter, allows 31 in. (79 cm)total reach.
  • Dry Weight: 74 lbs.
  • Wetted Parts: Steel, copper, PVC plastic, rubber, andaluminum

Graco Oil Ace Pressurized Oil Drain 119577



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