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Parts FJ7382-3 Kit


Rotary FJ7382-3 Latch Shaft/Spring Kit

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Comprehensive Repair of Both Column Locks with the FJ7382-3 Kit
Product Code: Rotary-FJ7382-3
The FJ7382-3 Rotary Lift Lock Latch Spring Shaft Repair Kit is a highly compatible and convenient solution for most Rotary Two Post surface lifts. With this kit, you can quickly repair the springs that engage the lock on one column, ensuring optimal functionality and safety. For comprehensive repair of both column locks, it is recommended to have two kits on hand.

This kit includes a variety of essential components, namely:
  • 1 FJ7566-10 Spring
  • 1 FJ7382-9 Spring
  • 1 FJ7382-34 Latch shaft2 41411 Truarc klipring #5304-75 for 3/4" shaft
  • 1 41388 1 1/2" O.D. X 3/4" I.D. X .045" machine bushing

The FJ7382-3 Kit is commonly found on several Rotary models, including SPO7, SPOA7, SPO9, SPOA9, SPO10, SPOA10, SPO82, and SPOA82. This genuine Rotary part ensures reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

By utilizing the FJ7382-3 Rotary Lift Lock Latch Spring Shaft Repair Kit, you can effectively maintain and optimize the performance of your Rotary Two Post surface lift, providing you with a cost-effective and efficient solution. Invest in this kit to experience the benefits of enhanced functionality and prolonged service life for your equipment.

Rotary FJ7382-3 Latch Shaft/Spring Kit



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