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Upgrade your auto shop with the TechLight2 LED Light Kit


FA5700 TechLight2 LED Light Kit

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Get the job done faster and more accurately with TechLight2 LED Light Kit
Product Code: Rotary-Lift-FA5700
If you work as a tech in an auto shop, you know that good lighting is essential for completing efficient, quality repairs. Look no further than the TechLight2 LED Light Kit for your lighting needs! This kit includes two 48" wands with magnetic clips that make it easy to attach the lights wherever needed.

The LED bulbs provide up to five times the light output of fluorescent tubes, so you can get the job done faster and more accurately. You can customize the light intensity level with adjustable brightness and anti-glare filters to suit any task or environment. And with its waterproof construction, it's perfect for use in all conditions – even if you are working under the hood or on high shelves.

Invest in this excellent lighting source and let the TechLight2 LED Light Kit help increase productivity throughout your shop.

Sharpen your sight under the hood with the FA5700 - TechLight4 LED Light Kit. It's the bright choice for professionals who refuse to work in the dark. Equip your garage today and see the difference for yourself!
  • The FA5700 Advantage:

    Our exclusive LED Light Kit is more than just a utility; it's a game-changer for your garage. No more bulky lights that interfere with lift operations. No more compromising on visibility when checking vital components. With the TechLight4, you get professional-grade illumination tailored for efficiency, convenience, and durability.
  • Optimal Brightness: Four robust 48-inch LED wands cast a broad, even light, providing clear visibility into the deepest recesses of any vehicle.
  • Slim Design: At just 1 inch in diameter, the TechLight4's slender profile allows you to shed light without compromising on obstructed or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Magnetic Convenience: Each LED wand is fixed with sturdy magnetic clips, ensuring secure attachment and optimal positioning on all Rotary four-post lifts.
  • Versatile Voltage: With an adaptable input voltage range of 100V-240V AC, the TechLight4 LED Light Kit fits seamlessly into various garage settings and electrical standards.
  • Efficiency at its Best: LED technology not only provides superior brightness but also operates with a fraction of the energy consumption of traditional bulbs, saving on costs and resources.
  • Durability You Can Trust: Built to last, the TechLight4 withstands the rigors of daily use in even the most demanding automotive environments.
  • Enhanced Productivity: A well-lit workspace is a productive workspace. Say goodbye to shadows and inadequate lighting that slow down your workflow.
  • Automotive Professionals: From routine checks to detailed repairs, elevate the clarity and quality of your work.
  • Garage Owners: Offer your customers the best service experience through impeccable attention to detail, made possible by excellent lighting.
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicle Mechanics: Large vehicles demand robust tools—the TechLight4 matches your work's intensity and scope.

FA5700 TechLight2 LED Light Kit



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