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Make Lifting EVs Easier than Ever - Try FJ6268 Now!


EV Specific Padded Poly Adapter - 1 1/2" diameter hole FJ6268

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Enhance Your Lifting Capabilities with the EV-Specific Padded Poly Adapter FJ6268
Product Code: Rotary-Lift-FJ6268
The EV Specific Padded Poly Adapter, FJ6268, is a convenient set of four adapters for the Rotary 2-post lifts with Trio arms. These adapters are specifically crafted to cater to the lift points on a wide range of electric vehicles, featuring flat areas that ensure a secure fit. With their rubber coating, these adapters prevent any potential metal-to-metal contact, protecting your valuable equipment. Measuring 1-1/2" in diameter, these adapters can easily be retrofitted to fit directly into the lift arm holes.

Experience seamless compatibility with the Rotary Lift FJ6268 adapters and the TRIO® Arms, allowing for a hassle-free lifting process. Each set comes with four adapters and the necessary rack assembly, ensuring you have everything you need for a smooth and efficient operation.

Invest in the EV Specific Padded Poly Adapter FJ6268 today to enhance your lifting capabilities and easily accommodate electric vehicles. Discover the difference in performance and reliability this exceptional product brings to your workshop.

EV Specific Padded Poly Adapter - 1 1/2" diameter hole FJ6268



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Tom B from Raleigh NC
September 25, 2023
Getting Ready
These adapters are the right fit for the Rotary Trio arms. Need them for the VW & Honda electric cars.
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