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Champion HRA25-12 Reciprocating Air Compressor

Champion HRA25-12 Reciprocating Air Compressor

Champion HRA25-12 Reciprocating Air Compressor

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Champion HRA25-12 Reciprocating Air Compressor
Product Code: HRA25-12
Looking for an air compressor that can handle larger projects? Check out the HRA25-12 reciprocating air compressor from Advantage Series. This powerful model is perfect for midsize to large shops and offers plenty of features to make your life easier.The HRA25-12 comes with a motor starter mounted and wired, so you can save on wiring costs. It also has isolator pads to reduce noise and protect against uneven flooring. Plus, the large tank ensures that you'll have plenty of air power for all your projects.
Standard Features:
  • Heavy Duty Two Stage, Splash Lubricated Air Compressor Pump(s)
  • Multi-Finned Cylinders
  • Integral Cylinder Head
  • Intercoolers for Cooling Between Stages
  • Reliable High Flow Disc Valves
  • Oversized Main Bearings
  • Balanced Crankshaft
  • Oil Level Sight Glass
  • Centrifugal Unloader for Loadless Starting


  • Electric Fuel Pump
  • Canvas Cover – (Engine Driven Models)
  • Heavy Duty Vibration Isolators
  • 9 Gallon standalone fuel tank
  • 5 Gallon standalone fuel tank
  • Weight 1365 lbs
  • Dimensions 72 × 30 × 66 in
  • Motor 25 hp
  • CFM Delivery 90.1
  • Phase n/a
  • PSI Rating 175
  • RPM 770
  • Tank Capacity 120 gal
  • Tank Position Horizontal
  • Voltage 230


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