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Keep Your Employees Safe with Pit Net Saftey Cover!

Keep Your Employees Safe with Pit Net Saftey Cover!

Keep Your Employees Safe with Pit Net Saftey Cover!

Pit Safety Net Cover

Pit Safety Net Cover

Attention! Unique Production Item

The Ultimate Solution for OSHA Compliance and Increased Safety. Don't compromise on safety in your workplace! Keep your customers and employees protected with our high-quality Pit Safety Net. Our product is designed to provide maximum protection and peace of mind when working over or near pits. With its impressive high-tensile strength, nylon construction, and steel hardware, the Pit Safety Net offers a durable and reliable solution to protect employees from potential falls. Its sliding design allows access above while preserving the lube techs below, ensuring that all work can be completed safely and efficiently.

  • Our Pit Safety Net is easily customizable to fit specific pit sizes, making it a versatile option for businesses of all sizes. This Pit net safety cover ships promptly, within 5-10 business days, so you can quickly add an extra layer of protection to your workplace. Most importantly, our product meets the OSHA floor protection requirements, always keeping your business compliant. So invest in the Pit Safety Net today and prioritize the safety of your customers and employees.

  • Pit Net Saftey Cover Features

    Dimensions: Custom Fabricated to Your Pit Size.

    • High tensile strength netting prevents injury to customers & employees.

    • Puts your business in compliance by meeting OSHA floor protection requirements.

    • The sliding design allows smooth movement of netting for vehicle access above.

    • It will not restrict light penetration to the lube tech work area below.

    • Easy to install without modification of existing pit opening (in most cases).

    • Custom fabricated to your specific open pit dimensions to ensure proper fit.

    • Quickly helps you gain compliance by shipping within 5-10 business days

    • Dimensions: Custom Fabricated to Your Pit Size.


    • Nylon Net

    • Steel Hardware Tensile Strength: 5000-6000 lbs.

    • Dimensions: Custom size to order

    • Shipping Weight: 25-35 lbs. (average)