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Keep Your Employees Safe with EZ Glide Pit Safety Cover!

Keep Your Employees Safe with EZ Glide Pit Safety Cover!

Keep Your Employees Safe with EZ Glide Pit Safety Cover!

EZ Glide Pit Safety Cover

Attention! Unique Production Item

EZ Glide Pit Safety Cover is a reliable and essential accessory for ensuring the safety of your automotive workshop or business. As a business owner, prioritizing the well-being of your employees is of utmost importance. Our Pit Safety Cover offers the perfect solution to create a secure work environment where your staff can service vehicles with peace of mind.

Designed with robust construction and convenient operation in mind, our safety cover provides excellent protection against hazardous falls. It is precisely engineered to comply with OSHA safety standards, ensuring your workshop meets the necessary regulations.

  • Installing, operating, and maintaining our Pit Safety Cover is effortless and hassle-free. With its user-friendly design, you can have peace of mind knowing that your employees have the necessary protection without any complexities. Its durability and long-lasting construction guarantee that it will withstand the demands of a busy workshop environment. One of our Pit Safety Cover's key advantages is its cost-effectiveness compared to other safety equipment. Investing in our safety cover will save you money in the long run, as it offers comprehensive protection at a fraction of the cost of alternative safety solutions. The EZ Glide Pit Safety Cover is the ideal accessory to safeguard employees from hazardous falls in your automotive workshop. With its excellent protection, compliance with safety standards, ease of use, durability, and cost-effectiveness, our Pit Safety Cover is the ultimate solution for maintaining a safe and secure work environment. Choose EZ Glide Pit Safety Cover and prioritize the well-being of your employees today.

  • EZ Glide Pit Safety Cover Features

    Custom manufactured for each pit opening ensures proper fit (dimensions required).

    • Dimensions: Custom Built to Your Pit Size

    • Rigid construction provides the highest level of pit safety protection available.

    • User-friendly design allows your technician to operate quickly and smoothly.

    • Self-stacking panels provide easy access in any direction desired.

    • Open steel mesh panels allow maximum light penetration from above.

    • Low-profile design permits stacking within 2-1/2” to 6-1/4” (most applications).

    • Built-in grab handles for the safe movement of each panel as needed.

    • No dangerous rollers or moving parts to break or wear out.

    • Rigid steel panels will not expand or shrink in wet & cold conditions.

    • Rugged welded steel frame with tough nylon glides will support up to 2500 lbs.

    • Safety yellow powder-coat finish provides high visibility & corrosion protection.

    • Meets OSHA recommendations for floor opening protection.

    • They are designed & manufactured in the USA (patent #6088963).

    • Optional pit tracking & tire guide leaders are also available (see accessories).

    Load Strength: 2500 lbs. (per panel average)

    • Panel Height: 1-1/4 inches

    • Panel Width: Custom size to order (36” to 44” average)

    • Panel Length: Custom size to order (36” to 42” average)Panel Weight:11-13-lbs linear ft. (average)


    • Welded 14ga. Steel Tubing

    • Expanded Metal Mesh #9-11

    • High-Density Black Nylon Glides

    • Safety Yellow Powder Coat Finish


    • EZ-Track I Single Pit Tracking (#ET1-96)

    • EZ-Track II Double Pit Tracking (#ET2-96)

    • EZ-Track III Double Pit Track w/Tire Guide (#ET3-96)

    • Bull-Nose Tire Guide Leader, 2-pc set (#TG25-24)