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The Graco FireBall 425 Grease Pump is designed with a robust air motor, ensuring consistent performance

Graco-205395 FireBall 425 Grease Pump

Graco FireBall 425 Grease Pump for 400 lb (180 kg). Drum

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Get the Job Done Right with the Graco FireBall 425 Grease Pump
Product Code: Graco-205395
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The Graco FireBall 425 Grease Pump is the perfect solution for efficiently transferring grease from a 400 lb (180 kg) drum or side pocket of a tote tank. This high-quality grease pump is specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals in various industries.

Featuring a robust air motor, the Graco FireBall 425 ensures consistent performance even for long pipe runs and when dispensing higher volumes of grease. With its maximum fluid pressure of 7500 psi (517 bar), you can count on this pump to deliver exceptional results. It boasts a continuous-duty flow rate of 1.95 lb/min (1.5 kg/min), providing efficient grease transfer without compromising quality.

Designed by Graco, a trusted name in the industry, the FireBall 425 Grease Pump combines reliability, durability, and ease of use. It is precisely engineered to handle the challenges of transferring grease from a 400 lb drum, making it a valuable addition to any workflow.

Whether you work in automotive maintenance, industrial manufacturing, or any other industry that requires grease transfer, the Graco FireBall 425 Grease Pump is a must-have tool. It simplifies the process, ensuring you can complete your tasks efficiently and effectively. Invest in the Graco FireBall 425 Grease Pump today and experience the difference in your grease transfer operations.
  • Durable - Thick-cast aluminum air motor housing offers unmatched durability.
  • Fewer Repairs - Fewer moving parts in the air motor assembly means less downtime and low repair cost.
  • Extended Seal Life - In-line pump design aligns the air motor piston and fluid piston rods to maximize seal life.
  • Reduce Downtime - Displacement rods have minimal wear due to a proprietary Graco manufacturing process.
  • Superior Sealing - Non-metallic poppet valves offer positive sealing performance, even with contaminated "dirty" air environments for long life without repair.
  • Reduced Icing - Large air porting design provides efficient use of compressed air supply for continuous pump operation and reduced icing.
  • Corrosion-Resistant - Corrosion-resistant design utilizes liquid salt nitriding, nickel plating, stainless steel, aluminum, and chrome on key components for longer life.

Graco FireBall 425 Grease Pump for 400 lb (180 kg). Drum



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