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Raleigh NC 27610

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Automotive Shop Equipment

At C&A Equipment, we offer air compressor maintenance and repairs, annual lift safety inspections for 2-post and 4 post aboveground lifts, and various automotive shop equipment. Our technicians provide experience with Graco & Lincoln grease & oil pumps, Omega floor jacks, Graco diaphragm pumps and American Oil guns. All repairs are backed by our top-notch technician services to ensure your business runs uninterrupted. To help save you money on lost revenue due to needed repairs, we even provide loaner equipment to help avoid delays or disruptions to your daily operations. With these services right here in Raleigh, NC you can trust C&A Equipment for all your air compressor and automotive shop equipment repair needs!

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AFR-1   Air Filer Rack
TIM-650-FM   American Lube - Mechanical Metered Control Handle for Oil with Flexible Extension & Manual Non-Drip Tip
TIM-3628-50   American Lube 1/2" x 50' Advantage Plus Oil/ATF/A/F Reel with Rubber Hose
TIM-3618-50A   American Lube Advantage Plus Air/Water/WWS Reel with Rubber Hose
TIM-315-COMP2   American Lube Waste Oil Drain
C6000-CD   Cashier / Computer Station (eye-level monitor module)
C6036   Cashier / Computer Station w/Doors
E916-X   Catwalk w/Handrails Open Grip Decking (Steps Not Included)
E304   Ceiling Mount Oil Filter Rack
CAPRSA01   Champion Air compressor R-15B Replacement Pump
CAPRSA02   Champion Air compressor R-30D Replacement Pump
R-70A   Champion Air compressor R-70A Replacement Pump
HR10-12   Champion HR10-12 Reciprocating Air Compressor
HR7D-12   Champion HR7D-12 Reciprocating Air Compressor
HRA25-12   Champion HRA25-12 Reciprocating Air Compressor
VR10-12   Champion VR10-12 Reciprocating Air Compressor
VR7F-8   Champion VR7F-8 Reciprocating Air Compressor
2640-5001   Commercial Power Supply Reel – Single Receptacle
2630-3000   Commercial Power Supply Reel – Triple Receptacle
CP-11DX-with-Spacedec   Computer podium - Single Monitor Post in center
E110-S   Devon Technician Foot Stool
25C904   EM8 Electronic Manual Oil/Antifreeze Meter - Flexible Extension - 1/2 in.
25C903   EM8 Electronic Manual Oil/Antifreeze Meter - Rigid Extension - 1/2 in.
EG38   EZ Glide Pit Safety Cover
246485   Graco Husky 716 air operated diaphragm pump
244055   Graco Big Hauler used oil receiver
248632   Graco Coolant King 25 Gal. Used Anti-Freeze Receiver
203876   Graco Fire-Ball 300 Series 5:1 Universal Size Oil Pump
205626   Graco Fire-Ball 425 Series 10:1 Universal Size Oil Pump
206405   Graco Fireball 300 Grease Pump 15:1
205395   Graco FireBall 425 Grease Pump for 400 lb (180 kg). Drum
647016   Graco Husky 1050 Diaphragm Pump
246781   Graco Mini Fire-Ball 225 50:1 400 lb (180 kg). Grease Pump
246775   Graco Mini Fire-Ball 225 3:1 Universal Size Oil Pump
119577   GRACO Oil Ace Pressurized Oil Drain
238866   Graco Oil King 25 Gallon Used-Oil Receiver
273157   Graco PM 8 Electronic Preset Oil Meter - Flexible Extension - 1/2 in.
273156   Graco PM 8 Electronic Preset Oil Meter - Rigid Extension - 1/2 in.
247713   Graco SDV15 Series Oil Control Valve - Flexible Extension - 1/2 in.
247712   Graco SDV15 Series Oil Control Valve - Rigid Extension - 1/2 in.
SDL25D   Graco SDX Air, Water, Antifreeze and Windshield Wash Fluid Hose Reel
SDM65A   Graco SDX ATF/Oil Hose Reel
SDH15B   Graco SDX Grease Hose Reels
HSL65B   Graco XD Air, Water, Antifreeze and Windshield Wash Fluid Hose Reel
HSM65B   Graco XD Oil/Transmission Fluid - ATF
HGR7-3H   HGR7-3H Gas Driven Reciprocating Air Compressor
HR5-8   HR5-8 Reciprocating Air Compressor 5 HP
HR5D-12   HR5D-12 Reciprocating Air Compressor - 5 HP
E101-SS   Lube Console in stainless steel
E142   Lube Dispensing Bar
2200-3011   Mid-Size Portable Power Supply Reel– Single Receptacle
2200-3000   Mid-Size Portable Power Supply Reel– Triple Receptacle
FS-305   Oil Filter Rack
5165-9514   Original Stubby Light Head Kit 16/3
3313-4000   Original Stubby Light on 40' Reel
1413-5000   Original Stubby Light on 50' Cord
CP-11DX-H   Pedestal Post Cabinet w/Door -- With Heavy Duty Single Monitor Post
PNC   Pit Bull Safety Cover
E818   Pit net safety cover
WP-17M   Quick Lube Catwalk - Unilube
E203-30   Rolling Waste Oil Drain Pan 30" (With Shelf)
ARO14   Rotary 14,000lb Alignment Open Front 4 Post
SPOA10   Rotary 2 Post Car Lift - SPOA10 Asymmetric
SL210FASW   Rotary 2 Post Inground Smart lift - Shockwave Lift
SPO12   Rotary 2 Post SPO12 - Aboveground lift
SPO16   Rotary 2 Post SPO16 Aboveground lift
SM14   Rotary 4 Post Lift - SM14 Closed Front
SM18   Rotary Four Post Lift - SM18
SM30L   Rotary Four Post Lift - SM30
SMO14   Rotary Four Post Lift - SMO14 Open Front
SL210RA   Rotary Inground Smart lift - SL210-RA
SL210MP8   Rotary Inground Smart Lift - SL210MP8 - Pad Lift
SPOA7-MP   Rotary Lift 2 Post Aboveground SPOA7-MP Pad Lift
SL210   ROTARY SL210 2 post Inground Smart Lift
SL212   ROTARY SL212
SPO10   ROTARY SPO10 - 2 post lift
SPOA10TRIO   ROTARY Two Post Lift - SPOA10TRIO Asymmetric Lift
1950-8008   Stubby II LED Light On 50' Cord With End Light
3613-4000   Stubby II Light On 40' Reel
1113-5000   Stubby II Light On 50' Cord
1940-8011   Stubby II with End Light On 40' Reel
Uni-Pit   UNILUBE Pit Guard
VR5-8   VR5-8 Reciprocating Air Compressor - 5HP

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