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Rolling Waste Oil Drain Pan

Rolling Waste Oil Drain Pan 30"

Rolling Waste Oil Drain Pan 30" with no shelf

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Rolling Waste Oil Drain Pan 30"
Product Code: E203-30X
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Rolling waste oil drain pan with 30" width and no shelf - a quality, efficient choice for waste oil collection in lube service bays. It's a top pick for waste oil collection with features that increase productivity, such as low-noise rollers, adjustable roller wheels, and side drip guards. In addition, the five adjustable height settings ensure optimal oil draining position. The waste oil drain pan boasts long-lasting 14ga welded steel construction with a red safety finish, an interior baffle that promotes stable movement, and front & rear 1-1/2" NPT drain outlets for tandem or single connection. With dimensions of 30" W x 24"D x 16"H and a liquid capacity of approximately 34 US gallons, the tapered-to-bottom design enables faster draining and extra room below. The shipping weight is 104 lbs.
  • Long-lasting 14ga welded steel construction safety redfinish.
  • Low-noise rollers have ball-bearing action for smooth,effortless movement.
  • Roller wheels adjust from 30 to 50 inches to fit most pitopening dimensions.
  • Five (5) adjustable height settings provide the best positionfor oil draining.
  • The Interior baffle reduces wave action & provides stabilitywhile moving.
  • Removable anti-splash grill & side drip guards helpreduce spills.
  • The built-in utility shelf provides a handy storage area forfilter wrenches & tools.
  • Tapered-to-bottom design for faster draining & extraheadroom below.
  • Front & rear 1-1/2” NPT drain outlets allow single ortandem connection.

Rolling Waste Oil Drain Pan 30" with no shelf

Call for pricing! 800-228-1598 or Email [email protected]


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