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Pit Bull Safety Cover
Pit Bull Safety Cover
Pit Bull Safety Cover

Pit Bull Safety Cover
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Product Code: PNC

  • Pit Bull Safety Cover has been designed with safety, low cost and ease of mind. When used, it is not only convenient but reliable during daily operation.
  • Pit bull allows many added benefits including simple care and minimum maintenance.
  • Will cover the entire pit area, ensuring a fall safe protection for your customers and your crew. The webbing capacity is guaranteed to support over four tons while being lightweight to prevent bodily injuries
  • The Standard Pit Cover:
    - 2" Polyester Webbing
    - 2" Grid Size
    - 4" Center
    - 6,000 lb. PSI tensible strenght (25,000 lb. PSI available)
    - Anti-static black finish
  • Hardware Included:
    - 12 gauge sliding channel
    - Locking mechanism/hook
    - Active/passive bar
    - 1/4" X 1" black oxide hex bolts
    -1/4" X 1 1/2" black oxide hex bolts
    -1/4" X 3/4" black oxide hex bolts
    - 1/4" stainless steel nylon locknuts
    - 1/4" block oxide hex nuts
    -1/4" to 1/2" black oxide flat washer
    - 1/4" stainless steel fender washer