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Graco XD Oil/Transmission Fluid - ATF

Graco XD Oil Transmission Fluid ATF

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Graco XD Oil/Transmission Fluid - ATF

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Product Code: Graco-XDM65M
The Graco XD10 and XD20 Series Hose Reels are high-performance, heavy-duty hose reels that are perfect for extreme applications. They feature high-strength dual pedestals for reliable performance, and the compact pedestal and spool fit into tight spaces – perfect for working in cramped quarters. They come with a 35-65 foot (10.7-19.8 meter) hose capacity, so you can tackle various applications with ease.
  • Spring Adjustment - Increase or decrease spring tensionwhile the reel is pressurized with fluid
  • Full-Flow Swivel - Maximize material flow with minimalpressure drop for faster fills to get more vehicles through your shop
  • Optional Adjustable Arm - Easily change the arm position foryour application, order with arm (HS models) or without (HN models)
  • Durable Finish - Baked-on enamel finish protects the reel fromcorrosion
  • Large Hose Capacity with Small Profile - Compact pedestaland spool fits into tight spaces and can accommodate 35-65 foot (107-198meters) hose capacity for a wide variety of applications

Graco XD Oil/Transmission Fluid - ATF



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